You will love the news we have for you ladies…..we have your back, Raven wants you to know  that H&M and TOPSHOP South Africa, have a sale going on this weekend

H&M has a 70% of their mid-season.  The sale ends on the 15 of October though, so honey, boo boo you better go get yourself some clothes and go crazy on them.





TOPSHOP South Africa has a 50% off. T&Cs Apply. While stocks last. Go get yourself some clothes and Slay



Don’t say Raven Tailor never told you #Raventailor #Fashion #sale

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Spotlight Feature: Thembisa Mdoda



This is one person we know who oozes confidence, power, and life. She is obviously boss at what she does and continues to inspire us, like what can she not do?

I mean if I’m addressing the fact that she is body goals and her wardrobe is one to be raided then you would be reading this article until Christmas. She honestly deserves the awards and so much more, she is living proof that the girl child should not stop dreaming and work hard. Everything comes to those who are patient for their time to shine, so just putting your head down and staying focused is vital.


Thembisa shows us that keeping the main thing the main thing is key.

She makes our #WCW


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  1. The process of being mentally stimulated to do or feel something, especially to do something creative.
  2. A sudden brilliant or timely idea.


The process of being mentally stimulated to do or feel something … fascinating. Our lives sometimes are waiting for that sudden AHA moment that will change our entire worldview and CAUSE us to write something that will win awards, paint something so magnificent it will sell for millions and so on. We wait for this something until it drops from the sky, and only then, will our lives change.

I find so often we wait until the inspiration comes, rarely do we go find inspiration, especially find inspiration where it matters, inside of ourselves. You see, no one has lived through your life, no one is more committed to changing your life as you are, and no one cares about you the way you should care for yourself. Inspiration sometimes is staring you right in the mirror, YOU darling dear human, are created to take one step in the direction of your purpose and change your own life.

I am not denying that this information age has opened countless platforms that can inspire, but I also believe in your history, that you have experienced so much stuff that can cause you to get inspired. Inspired to change, to take one more step towards healing, to repeat to yourself that YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL, to believe that you are a unique creation that is walking in your own lane. Define that something and write it out – “Because of X experience I want to achieve X and I will do this by X time,” put it on your wall, remember it every day and let it drown you in inspiration. Your life in all its colors has a lot more than you see, the next person’s life may seem brilliant from the outside but only because they embraced their process and decided that their process would help someone else.

So, find your AHA; look in the mirror, what is it you see?

You may be the greatest gift to your own life.

Live each day as if you were created only for that day


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Free guide to fitness

There’s never been a more exciting time to gym like now. In fact, you’ll most probably be considered weird if you don’t own either a smart-band, gym membership card, bike, or a pair of trainers. Fitness is trending and you need to get on the bus as soon as possible.

In terms of motivation, you’ll realize how much you’re covered as soon as you step outside your house or even look outside your window. However, having said all that, please don’t be like me and do it for the sake of it—like I once did. You really have to know why you work out and that should help you set your goals.

So, I am going to take you through a very short journey of my gym life, excluding the failure parts—because that will just turn “very short” into “very long.” Since I am a skinny guy and never really aspired to body build, I just gym to keep fit. Reason; well considering the foods I consume daily and the fact that I wheel my way around the office with my awesome chair, gym has become more than a necessity for me.

Like I said in the beginning, you first must discover your reason before you start your journey, otherwise it will be frustrating and pointless. Knowing my reason helped me decide whether I needed intense Cardio or not. Please note overworking yourself may suppress your immune system or result to a burn out. So be sure to control your pace well and work according to your bodies capabilities, you may gradually increase your workout as time goes.

Now that we have that out of the way, selecting a type of cardio will be your next step. I personally went for fun—running is a form of cardio, and since playing soccer involves running, I play a game of indoor soccer with a group of friends for an hour every second night to meet my goal. There are other fun ways you can get your cardio workout, for example:


Running help to build strong bones, as it is a weight bearing exercise


Cycling is mainly an aerobic activity, which means that your heart, blood vessels and lungs all get a workout (


A key to getting a good aerobic workout when playing squash is to keep rest periods brief (between 1-2 minutes at most) Source (


Dance is a great form of exercise because it provides you with both aerobic and anaerobic movements (…/five-reasons-why-dancing-is-great-exercise-091772)

And the list goes on. If you notice, the pattern in all the forms of cardio workouts I’ve mentioned is that- they can be done as a group (groups are fun) and can be done without monthly costs. Doing things as a group will cover a very important part of your journey, which is keeping you motivated and doing it free will eliminate excuses—which is very common when the going gets tough.


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Street Style Fashion

Street style has become a major trend in fashion right now, it is simple, quick and chic. Nothing beats putting on 2 or 3 great items which look like they cost you a million, and yet look so beautiful in them. The key with street style is to never overdo it cause then you’ll end up looking like a strange creature.

Check out these street style bloggers for fashion inspiration.

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Shekinah Debut Album- Rose Gold

You have probably seen #RoseGold trending on twitter and you’re wondering what is that?

Girl, Shekinah’s album is doing the amazing most! Our ears have been blessed with her beautiful talent. She is vocally talented and definitely going far, the talent is raw and so vibey.

This album should definitely be on your summer playlist, she’s giving us pop street beats, with some hip-hop edge and a feel of African feminism with some emotion. Listen, the songs on the album are all doing it for me.

Album has 12 tracks:

We appreciate this album, the single Suited hit 1 million views on Youtube. Rose Gold is platinum worthy. Shekinah is trailblazing…

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Hair Product Review- ORS Hair Strengthening Argan Oil

Naturalista’s, you know the hunt for oils? but you’re looking for oils that will just make your crown flourish the best way its meant to?

I honestly get you, i will stay more than 1 hour trying to figure out which natural hair product will do justice to my crown because maintaining natural hair can sometimes be expensive if your research is not done correctly. So there i was in Clicks at the Sandton Mall, looking for an inexpensive hair product that will strengthen my hair and moisturize it too (My hair has 2 extremes its either really DRY or WEAK ), so standing 30mins+ clicks had to be done.

Thank goodness for  ORS which now also have a range of Argan Oil products that are amazing for your hair and your wallet will love it too (for those of us who work on a budget). I am currently using the fortifying hair oil and i am loving it! Why?

  1. Really does moisturize the hair and scalp and locks in the moisture.
  2. Hair is strengthened.
  3. Smells really great.
  4. Not expensive at all.

So, seeing that we are in Summer now and protecting your hair from maybe swimming pool chemicals and applying way to much heat to it? i would recommend it, the ORS Hair Strengthening Argan oil- Fortifying Hair Oil can be found at clicks for just R18


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Raven Spotlight- Connie Ferguson


Bereka Mosadi!

If there is a word that South Africa can identify Connie Ferguson with in the television industry, it would be: Consistency! Besides leaving us breathless with the shows she co-produces with her husband (Shona Ferguson which they also happen to be #CoupleGoals) shows like, The Queen, Igazi, Rockville and soon to hit our screens with The Imposter!


There is always something inspiring about a woman, who is confidently setting her trail ablaze. Today we all associate her with great productions because that is literally all we see her do on our TV screens.  And she looks amazing at her age, like #BlackDontCrackBoo!

Greatness is literally her middle name, definitely makes our woman crush!


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