Tired of your natural hair?

Put down the hair crack! I’ve got a story to tell you…

A few years ago, while still a baby at this natural hair “thing”, I had an opportunity to write for an awesome natural hair blog called Frochic. Your natural hair journey is one that is very personal and can teach you quite a bit about yourself, if you’re listening, oh and patience, lots and lots of patience.

I was 2 and a half years in when I wrote about my journey and was losing faith in my fro. Below is a little something I learned that helped me get through it all. I am approaching 6 years of natural hair awesomeness and I don’t regret one minute of it! Hold on sis, you’ve got this!


This is where I went wrong in the early stages of my natural hair journey.


  1. Adoration overload


It’s good to admire, in fact, one of the reasons I considered going natural was when I saw Jill Scott rocking her kinks. The problem began when I assumed that I could have the same hair, texture, and form, no — completely mistaken.


  1. Hard work pays off


Going through Tumblr can get your blood boiling shem; I mean intensive therapy might be needed even. The lovely ladies that flood your timeline did not “wake up like that” it takes a village, let’s not get it twisted (see what I did there). Natural hair requires you putting in the work, late night moisturizing, twisting and everything else in between, don’t be lazy, get it done. That’s the only way your lovely tresses will look majestic.


  1. Your hair, your journey


This might have been my biggest mistake of all. Have you ever heard how natural hair vloggers before every regimen video always go “this is what worked for me” well I completely blocked that out, yes literally ignored that silly statement and went with it? By the time I was done with my 100th hair regimen in just 2 months of being natural I realized maybe, just maybe there was something I was “missing”. The best part about going natural is, it is all a personal journey, there will be a few mishaps here and there but those are yours to make and to learn from, don’t get caught up in everyone else’s journey and forget to walk your own.


  1. Love thy coils!


It took some time to admit that I will never have Pearl Thusi’s hair, I might have even “mxm’d” for a good year every time I came across her pictures or TV appearances – green monster tendencies, don’t judge, you know you have done it too. There is something liberating that comes with deciding to chop off all your hair and for a minute, just don’t care. For me, every strand that was shed, there was a part of my uptightness I parted with, I began to realize that I can never compare myself with the next woman, I had to experience my own journey, I had to love my hair just as it was. This journey has taught me to love not only my hair but every part of who I am.

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Natural Hair Tips!- Quick Guide For #TeamTWA

You’ve just executed the big chop, now what?

Good question because Raven Tailor is here to help…

Just like any journey, the journey to beautiful natural hair needs patience and the right products. Trial and error are okay because finding what works for your hair is the main point, so filter the advice you get from others on how to maintain your natural hair. Not everything will work for you, so try out these tips that might help you in the long run.

  • Develop a natural hair regimen.
    • This consists of shampooing, conditioning, leave in conditioning and protein washes etc
    • It’s advisable that you wash your hair every two weeks, followed by the conditioning processes.
    • Find products that you can afford and for your hair texture.
  • Filter the advice, some things will work and others won’t so don’t force it. Rather do your research.
  • Read the reviews on certain products that you are skeptical about, its okay to read how the product worked for others or didn’t, the whole point is to not waste your money.
  • Lastly, moisturize your hair! Get some oils and creams!

Remember to be patient, trust your hair journey because it is your crown after all!


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