Sam Smith :The Thrill of It All – album review

Sam Smith: the Oscar-winning pop star who had his breakout moment as a deep house done on Disclosure’s “Latch,” arguably the sexiest club banger of 2012. Has now released a second album: The Thrill of it all.

A little birdy told us that the songs on this new album were inspired by the 5 months break-up with a former boyfriend. It’s a little sad to use the word ‘inspired’ because he was going through a difficult time but hey, you can’t help thinking he is going to make a lot of money out of it.

This banging album was released today (November 3rd) and the hit single already has more than 130 million views on YouTube. Standout tracks on the album are ‘HIM’ and ‘BURNING’ which haveĀ gospel choirs.

The album is so intensely personal and it shows that Sam Smith was going through a difficult time and was in a dark place. We’re glad that the Sam Smith that we know and love is all good and released an album to help us get over our own heartbreaks.





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