VMAS- 2018

When it comes to award shows, we’re always excited to see who wore what on the red carpet. Some hit or miss the mark but we never judge we love creativity and we leave it to you to give us feedback on some of your thoughts.

Now, presenting the VMAS that took place last week and of course, some looks we loved and others we sort of question. Tell us what you thought of some of the looks at the #VMAS2018

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Winter Inspiration

These days have been too cold to function and having to choose an outfit hasn’t been as fun either this winter. Raven understands the frustration that goes with fashion when there is no inspiration and that’s why this article is here for you.

The best choice when choosing an outfit is finding clothes that perfectly identify your personality and style, they should make you look fresh and feel special.
And the best way to put on a good up outfit that suits your style is by looking for versatile pieces that are both fun and practical when shopping for clothes.




Raven decided to put together a list of versatile clothing pieces that will help you craft your fabulous daily outfits with less struggle.

Sources: Pinterest

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