1. The process of being mentally stimulated to do or feel something, especially to do something creative.
  2. A sudden brilliant or timely idea.


The process of being mentally stimulated to do or feel something … fascinating. Our lives sometimes are waiting for that sudden AHA moment that will change our entire worldview and CAUSE us to write something that will win awards, paint something so magnificent it will sell for millions and so on. We wait for this something until it drops from the sky, and only then, will our lives change.

I find so often we wait until the inspiration comes, rarely do we go find inspiration, especially find inspiration where it matters, inside of ourselves. You see, no one has lived through your life, no one is more committed to changing your life as you are, and no one cares about you the way you should care for yourself. Inspiration sometimes is staring you right in the mirror, YOU darling dear human, are created to take one step in the direction of your purpose and change your own life.

I am not denying that this information age has opened countless platforms that can inspire, but I also believe in your history, that you have experienced so much stuff that can cause you to get inspired. Inspired to change, to take one more step towards healing, to repeat to yourself that YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL, to believe that you are a unique creation that is walking in your own lane. Define that something and write it out – “Because of X experience I want to achieve X and I will do this by X time,” put it on your wall, remember it every day and let it drown you in inspiration. Your life in all its colors has a lot more than you see, the next person’s life may seem brilliant from the outside but only because they embraced their process and decided that their process would help someone else.

So, find your AHA; look in the mirror, what is it you see?

You may be the greatest gift to your own life.

Live each day as if you were created only for that day


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