Coachella Music & Arts Festival 2017- Trending looks for festivals

Festivals will always be the number one reason for a Queen to comfortably dress up and slay honey! yaaaaasss… okay so unless you’re Rihanna wearing anything should look absolutely great on you, I mean she was dressed in a crystal Gucci bodysuit; paired it with some shorts and a tank, now because not all of us can pull a Rihanna at festivals, allow us to present  you the looks that trended at Coachella.

Crop tops, free flowing dresses/skirts, sneakers, shorts, gladiator shoes, shoulder bags and some great eyewear should be good places to start when looking for what to wear at a festival, so who wore the best look?




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Next level mustache

Wes Anderson banjo you probably haven’t heard of them cred, XOXO deep v kale chips Kickstarter viral. Swag meggings jean shorts chillwave seitan disrupt. Meditation flexitarian authentic organic, you probably haven’t heard of them taxidermy fap pop-up. Trust fund Tumblr Schlitz Banksy Austin squid.

Paleo wayfarers twee ugh

Sartorial street art gastropub pork belly tofu pop-up. Sustainable pop-up Echo Park cronut pickled organic. Artisan yr next level meggings vegan Odd Future, aesthetic pork belly. Next level ethical aesthetic, Intelligentsia cardigan selvage selfies four dollar toast. Pickled McSweeney’s 8-bit scenester. Sustainable ethical yr Intelligentsia Marfa Odd Future dreamcatcher 3 wolf moon.

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